Behind The Ears Grooming

Mobile Pet Services

*At this time we do not offer haircut services*

We come to you

We focus on 1 pet at a time and we come to YOU. Your pet will be in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere where they are never kenneled. We handle your pet with a gentle touch and we give your pet our full attention.   


My goal is to offer stress-free pet services for clients, whether it is a bath, brushing, teeth and ear cleaning, nail trims or gland expressions. Your pet will always be treated like they are one of my own. I also guarantee I will never miss a spot!

– Callie Sterle


I have over 7 years of Veterinary Tech experience and have worked with horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and reptiles most of my life. Because of this experience,  I have certain knowledge that other groomers may not possess and will advise you of any medical or health conditions I may see. I’ll also recommend you to see your regular vet if necessary.

The trailer is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly in between every client and deep cleaned every night to help prevent the spread of any contagious virus and bacteria. I use quality cleaners and disinfectants that are used in vet clinics to ensure the cleanest environment possible.

I treat every pet like they are my own, and will do whatever I can to make it the most stress free experience I can for them which includes; pet safe essential oils, pheromones or other natural pet anxiety solutions.  I also have a variety of pet treats to accommodate any health or dietary restrictions (e.g: hypoallergenic, gluten free).

Grooming Options

We focus on 1 pet at a time

Mobile pet grooming is perfect When:

Mobile Pet Spa Truck
Your pet gets anxious around a lot of people and dogs
Your dog can be aggressive
It's difficult to leave your pet all day
Your pet does not like to be kenneled
You are not able to transport your pet or your pet does not like car rides

My number one priority is the health and safety of your pet

Please make sure your pet is fully vaccinated and let me know of any behavioral issues ahead of time. If I am dealing with a fractious pet, I will do my best to work with him/her unless it becomes a safety hazard for both me and the pet.


Fully research all the products I use.


I will report to you any health concerns I may notice while your pet is in my care.


Deep clean and sanitize between every customer, whether it’s a full bath service or just a nail trim.


Please share your feedback with me. If there is anything you didn’t like or would like me to do differently next time, please let me know.